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Sometimes I come across things (they may be vintage or not). If I don't have immediate use for them they will go in here, as will tools and other things that people who make jewelry use.



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Natural beads:

For your shopping convenience some items and package sizes are available in my Zibbet shop, my Artfire Studio and in my my Etsy shop.

Mgambo Seeds:

These aren't home-grown yet, our trees are too small to bear but I managed to find some real local mgambo (Majidea Zanquebarica or Zanqueborica, also known as Hawaiian Pussy Willow, Maui mink, velvet seed or weleweka, the Hawaiian transliteration for velvet) seeds. Most of these are from the Big Island and some are from the Oahu.

The ones from the Big Island and are bigger than the ones from Oahu, and a bit lighter in color.
For the time being you can pick and choose between the smaller darker ones from Oahu and the bigger a bit lighter ones from the Big Island. Some of the Big Island ones are fresh enough for planting, the ones from Oahu are probably not.

To order, please send email. Shipping is free for domestic (in the US) out of state (Hawaii) orders over $120.-.

Un-drilled, pack of 100: $40.-
Un-drilled, less than 100, each: $0.45
Drilled, pack of 100: $55.-
Drilled, under 100, each: $0.60

Job's Tears:

Most of our Job's tears get sorted as time goes on. Sorted means that anything chipped or with holes is thrown out, cleaned means that the strands in the middle are pulled out. There are usually somewhere between 1500 and 2000 Job's Tears per lb. These have natural holes and are ready for stringing when sorted.

Other than what you may find in my on-line stores, Job's Tears are backordered, sorry - please email me to be put on the list.

To order, please send email.

Mixed Color Job's Tears, 1lb, taken out are the chipped and un-pollinated ones, beads with holes and otherwise off-grade ones, but not sorted by color. Due to increased demand there will usually be very few white or brown ones in there, if any, i.e. a lot of them will be gray. $36.-
Mixed Color Job's Tears, 8oz, sorted as above. $19.-
Mixed Color Job's Tears, 4oz, sorted as above. $10.-
Brown Job's Tears, sorted, 1lb .................... $48.- (currently sold out)
Brown Jobs Tears, sorted, 4oz .................... $14.- (limited supply)
White or light color gray Job's Tears, sorted, 1lb $48.- (by waiting list only)
White or light color gray Job's Tears, sorted, 8oz $26.- (limited supply)
White or light color gray Job's Tears, sorted, 4oz $14.- (limited supply)

Royal Poinciana seeds:

these are not drilled. There's about 900 per lb (according to the USDA)
1 lb ........................................................... $45.-
4 oz ........................................................... $12.-

double drilled, separation of holes: 8mm (best efforts), each $0.45

The drilling takes some time, so I'll need some notice for larger orders.
To order, please send email.

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